Introducing the business operators of the Iwami Nagisa Night Promotion Council.

Blue Line Tajiri / Eiji Yamazaki

We operate a sightseeing boat around Uradome Coast Island. Strange rocks formed by the rough waves of the blue sea and the Sea of ​​Japan, such as a large pleasure boat with a capacity of 95 people, a small boat that can pass through narrow routes, a glass boat with a view of the sea from the bottom of the boat, and a boat where you can enjoy private cruising and dining. You can enjoy magnificent views of the cave, cave, etc. with the captain’s commentary. Founded in 1963. Mr. Kawaguchi says that the sea has been a playground since he was a child. I continue to hope that the children of today will also experience the fun memories of the sea on the tour boat. In 2021, in order to protect the beautiful sea, we plan a cruising tour that allows you to clean the beach, which cannot be reached from land. With the start of the operation of ships that can eat, the containers provided by ships and cafes have been changed from plastic to paper. We are also using bamboo straws and wooden spoons to start working on the environment in the sea. “I want customers to continue to enjoy the sea by planning various menus.”

Blue Line Tajiri / Eiji Yamazaki

 Based in Tajiri Port in Iwami Town, a diving shop that guides you through the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan. Although it is not as flashy as the tropical sea, the transparency of the sea is high, and the dynamic terrain of the San’in Kaigan Geopark extends into the sea. Under the influence of the Tsushima Current, you can meet various creatures such as tropical, temperate to boreal creatures, seasonal fish such as damselfish and sacura margarit, winter-only sacura margarit, seahorses and colorful seahorses. .. In 2021, a new 25-seater ship was introduced, and it became possible to dive off the coast of Tottori Sand Dunes. Since opening in 2010, Mr. Yamazaki has been diving into the sea of ​​Iwami more than anyone else. I also encountered a scene where vinyl was wrapped around seaweed and removed the vinyl. He always pays attention to the situation in the sea, encourages customers to pick up trash as much as possible, and provides information to fisheries officials and researchers. “I hope that you will enjoy the beautiful sea and be impressed by the marine debris.”

Fishing Guide Daisaku Maru / Sasai Daisaku

  ”Daisakumaru” is a fishing boat where you can enjoy private fishing. It opened in 2021. We own two fishing boats at Tajiri Port and can be reserved for a small number of people. It takes about 5 to 30 minutes to reach the fishing grounds. There is a reef zone nearby and there are many fish, making it ideal for boat fishing environments. In addition to red sea bream, amberjack, amberjack, and bigfin reef squid, you can also fish white squid from June to September. Beginners and children who want to start lure fishing are also welcome. We support how to make gimmicks, how to fish, and how to eat deliciously. Fish as small as 20 cm and fish that customers do not eat are processed and released so that they can be returned to the sea. We will continue to protect the sea of ​​Iwami 10 years and 20 years from now, and in order not to reduce the number of fish, we are calling for “let’s escape the fish that we can’t eat and the fish that we can’t eat.” Mr. Sasai, who belongs to a local fishermen’s association and sometimes ships live fish as a fisherman. “I want to share information with the members of the council and work on what we can do.”

cafe Nijinoki / Soichi Kawamoto / Hitoko

 A café near Uradome Beach serves curry and coffee. The interior of the second-floor store, which is a renovated vacant guest house, is a comfortable space where you can relax while looking at the sea. Local production for local consumption such as seasonal organic vegetables and locally caught fish is also popular, and handmade sweets are also popular. We serve plates and coffee cups made in the Sanin kiln, so you can enjoy handicrafts. Use paper straws instead of plastic products as much as possible. Considering the effect on drainage, use dishwashing detergent that is easily decomposed and is environmentally friendly. In order to continue to be the town we want to live in, it is ideal to practice a cyclical lifestyle and gradually propose to our customers. The use of ingredients from nearby producers has helped reduce the environmental burden associated with food transportation. We are also considering a menu for Jibie in the future. On March 6, 2022, we are planning to open a rental inn “Umi no Ie Muska” near the cafe. “Even if it is a little inconvenient, I would like to work to preserve the nature of Iwami, such as beautiful sandy beaches, so that the local economy can turn around.”

Development Surf & Sea / Akio Yamashita

 We offer marine activities on the Uradome coast. You can experience surfing, kayaking, SUP, snorkeling, and enjoy the beautiful coastal waters from different perspectives. Even beginners can experience it because the guided guide will support you. Mr. Yamashita, who has been surfing for about 30 years, has been cleaning the beach for many years with surfers and kayak guides. About five years ago, “Osouji Kayak” was started in collaboration with the Iwami Town Tourism Association and the Ministry of the Environment. Efforts to collect. Nowadays, elementary and junior high school students inside and outside the town sometimes experience it as part of off-campus learning and school trips, which is an opportunity to become interested in marine debris while enjoying kayaking. In the spring of 2022, he will move to the Higashihama area and plan to open a guest house without meals that also supports wocation. “In order to preserve the goodness of Iwami, I would like to start not only beach cleaning but also mountain cleaning activities.”

Higashihama Minshuku No. 20 Nakamura / Noriyuki Nakamura

 A guest house where fresh vegetables grown in-house and fish and shellfish caught by the owner are lined up on the table. We are warmly welcoming customers in an atmosphere that makes you want to say “I’m home!” About 10 minutes walk from the nearest station, Higashihama station. There are Higashihama beach and barbecue facilities nearby, and it is also suitable for groups such as seaside schools and training camps. From late May to mid-June, a flying fish scooping experience will be held for individual customers. Depart after sunset and scoop up the beautiful blue jaws that come to the fish lantern from the boat with a net. Mr. Nakamura runs a guest house while farming and fishing, cultivating specially produced wakame seaweed, raw wood shiitake mushrooms, and various vegetables and fruits. I have experienced the nature that changes with the seasons on a daily basis. There are times when I’m worried that “the number of people doing fields is decreasing” and “the beach is disappearing”, but by picking up trash before going fishing or renting abandoned cultivated land to grow vegetables. Contributing to the community. “Go fishing, cultivate fields, and live a self-sufficient life. We will entertain you with fresh ingredients.”

Yunami-goya / Takatoshi Yokoyama / Mayu

 A room-only accommodation facility for one group per day in the Higashihama area of ​​Iwami Town. The vacant house has been renovated and will open in earnest in July 2021. Surrounded by the sea, rivers and mountains, it is an inn where you can spend a relaxing time away from everyday life. In summer, swimming and playing in the river are the main activities. It is an area where many surfers visit on a nice wave day. Even outside the sea bathing season, it is recommended to read your favorite books, listen to music, and spend the whole day in Yunami-goya while looking out at the sea. Coffee beans are always available in the lounge with a kitchenette, and books of various genres such as picture books, photo books, and novels are lined up on the bookshelf. Mr. and Mrs. Yokoyama, whose daily routine is to pick up trash on the beach within reach so that customers can take a walk on the beach comfortably. The inn does not provide disposable toothbrushes, but presents bamboo toothbrushes that you can take home and use. A location rich in nature where you can enjoy fireflies and a starry sky. “While living here, I would like to work to improve the surrounding nature.”